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Unlike my more wearable pieces, the first priority of the work here is to communicate a concept. This type of work is commonly referred to as art jewelry or conceptual jewelry. Think of it as wearable sculpture. Similar to the more traditional art pieces, each piece is thoroughly researched and developed, as well as having an artist statement behind it to help the viewer understand my artistic intent.

Astounding! Ho hum...

Sterling Silver, Photo Paper, Ball Bearings


"Astounding! Ho hum..." reflects the changes that occur in peoples attitudes about new things. The design of the bracelet refers to an old Victorian toy called a viviscope. The viviscope belong to a family of toys (including the thaumatrope, zoetrope, and praxinoscope) where the phenomenon of the persistence of vision was explored and improved upon- eventually leading to the cinema as we know it.

When the picture band is spun, the images of a person raising their hands in amazement turns into the image of a person yawning with boredom. The cycle repeats itself endlessly expressing how new things are constantly introduced and forgotten about.

use your imagination...


This body of work explores objects as toys. The interaction between the environment and the objects are vital to understanding the work. Please click on the image or the title to view more pieces from this body of work and read the artist statement.

Free Range Human

Sticker Paper


Jewelry is used as a label – a status indicator – in this world. Labels come in different forms, from what shoes we wear to where we live. In this case, a meat label is used to convey the subconscious meaning of being one of the privileged few.

Lone Islands

Sterling Silver, Copper


The stillness inherent in a calm lake before the sun rises is captured in this piece. Although it is non-functional wall art, the techniques used to fabricate it are all from a traditional jewellery background. The reflective lake surface is polished, and the trees and background have been liver of sulfured to create the matt black surface. This piece makes you feel as if all alone enjoying the quiet view. You can almost hear the loon's in the background, letting us know that there are no other humans present.

Emergency Only

Sterling Silver


When I came to Canada from my home in the States, I didn't find much of an apparent difference at first. After I had been here for a few weeks, I started to notice the little things that were different: Tim Hortons instead of Dunkin' Doughnuts, Du Maurier instead of Camel Turkish Golds. Before I moved up here, I had been smoking Camel Turkish Golds, but in Toronto, they weren't available, so I switched to Du Maurier, which I didn't care for. The "Emergency Only" cigarette holder is designed to hold one of the Camel Turkish Golds, for when I really want my good cigarette.

Graveyard Fence

Sterling Silver


Fences are cool and so are graveyards. We should play in them more.

This piece explores the idea of playable jewellery. Although it is a bracelet, its really a set in which imaginary zombies come out at night to terrorize your boss, or the village, or the empire state building.

Flower and Vine Ear Pieces

Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia


These two ear pieces represent a different way of adorning the ear. The flower is a twist on the "traditional" flower behind the ear, and the vine explores the nature of the curling tendrils which allow it to grow further.

Siren Hair Comb

Sterling Silver


Cat Collar

Sterling Silver, Moonstone


This is a charm for good hunting given to a cat by its people for its first night out. The two dead rats increase the kill count for the night and the moonstone helps the cat see and move through shadows. On the back the name of the cat is written incase any misfortune should fall upon it.

Vet Spoon

Forging Silver, Electrical Cable


This is an unhappy spoon. It had survived the Great Food War of 12:00 pm. but during a daring raid, it lost its limb. The field doctors were good, and saved the spoon by replacing it with rubber prosthesis. The spoon was proud and happy until it returned to the silverware drawer, where the others treated it as an outcast due to a shift in the political ideology. There were no support groups for this lone veteran, and through the months of disuse, it became very depressed. The spoon's prosthetic handle grew gradually more limp until it could no longer lift food to an open mouth.

Growth and Decay Arm Band

Sterling Silver


This arm band conveys the idea of growth and decay, using a stylized version of a vine in its different stages of life; seedling, new growth, sparse growth, full growth, old growth, and decomposition.

Pine Narrative

Sterling Silver, Nickel


For this assignment, we had to make a piece based on a narrative, here is my narrative. My boyfriend has always been one with the snow, and I hadn't enjoyed a good snowfall since I was a kid. One evening as it started to snow heavily, I somehow found myself willingly out in the snow, bundled up, and enjoying myself to the hilt. We ran around and made snow angles. I tried to bury his dog (didn't work). When we ran out of breath we went inside, took of the outerwear, and sat down to a deliciously filling dinner with his Mother. That night, I felt like a kid again. The sensation has never quite gone away. Now when the snow falls i feel a happy sense of expectation as i raise my arm to pelt another of my irritated friends with a snowball.

Bubble Wand

Sterling Silver


This large bubble wand is fully functional. Just add bubble solution. The design of the head is based off of Mucha's prints.